Steel Pedestrian Bridge | Hume Range (H1020 series)
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Hume steel truss pedestrian bridges are strong and versatile and are especially suited when a large span is required

Hume Steel Truss (H1020 Series)


  • Hot dipped galvanised steelwork
  • Can be powdercoated or painted
  • Lightweight
  • Easy installation in difficult circumstances, can be transported to site fully assembled and placed onto abutments by crane truck (depending on length)
  • Numerous options available for safety barrier panels
  • Various decking options available including timber, asphalt, concrete bon-deck and Replas recycled decking (see Other Elements for further information)
  • Anti vandal galvanised fixings
  • Can be engineered in cranked, curved or straight designs
  • Engineered to Australian Standards

There are many features and options that can be explored to meet your requirments that's including:

  • Handrails design and material
  • two-pack painting and power coating
  • curved, cranked and flat design
  • timber decking, concrete, steel, composite and recycled materials

There can be many elements to footbridge design and installation which you may never have realised is even required! Let GRDC, the footbridge specialists, manage your next bridge project from concept to completion .

We can manage the complete process which includes most of the below requirements:-

  • Bridge Feasibility Studies
    If you are looking to install a footbridge but are unsure of the structure that will suit your specific requirements our design and estimating team will undertake a Bridge Feasibility Study for you. This study incorporates local water authority approvals, hydraulic effects, surveys, soil reports, bridge and abutment design producing an engineered footbridge designed exclusively for your needs. We can then fabricate and install your footbridge to suit your budget and timeline requirements.  
  • Soil Reports
    A soil report (or geotechnical report) is required for the majority of our designs, we recommend a soil report be undertaken at the beginning of your project prior to quoting. The findings of the report can effect the design of the bridge structure, abutments, whether piling is necessary and other important factors. When this information is at hand early on this ensures our initial quote is as accurate as possible. GRDC are happy to organise a soil report on your behalf for a small fee.
  • Surveys
  • Bridge delivery to site fully fabricated
    GRDC footbridges are designed, where possible, to be fully fabricated in our Port Melbourne factory and delivered to site and placed onto abutments by crane truck. This reduces on-site installation times decreasing our environmental impact on the surrounding area, delays due to inclement weather and is also the most economical installation option so the cost savings can be passed onto you.
  • Piling options
  • Abutment design
  • Rock Beaching 
  • Water Authority Permits
    A number of water authorities require a permit prior to any works being completed over their waterways, GRDC are experienced in obtaining the required information ensuring the best application is submitted and a permit is issued whenever possible. 
  • Engineering Certification
    All of our footbridges are designed and engineered to Australian Standards 


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