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Pedestrian Bridges

We manufacture pedestrian bridges that are in use across Australia, and have stood the test of time. Our bridge designs are easily maintained, aesthetically pleasing, engineered structures. More information



We produce a variety of high quality shelters that are engineered to be durable, long lasting and are designed for your unique open space. These structures are ideal over new or existing bbq's and picnic settings and our shelters can also house information boards.More information

Access Structures

Access Structures

Ideal for locations such as lakes, wetlands and elevated areas where taking in the scenery is desirable or where large crowds can gather. Our design team will create a preliminary drawing of almost any size or shape. When designing we will require specific requirements such as length, width, size, shape, loading, soil conditions and access. More information

Restrooms & Shrooms

Restrooms & Shrooms

From concept to completion let GR Design and Construct manage your next restroom installation.

Designs are available from small single cubicle structures to large amenities blocks incorporating shower, laundry and storage facilities. Select from a range of floor plans, roof shapes, internal and external claddings, water saving devices together with architectural and toilet hardware. More information

Furniture and Other Products

Furniture & Other Products

GR Design & Construct has an extensive range of standard and creative furniture that will enhance your new and existing structures. Why not talk to us about designing a feature piece that will 'stand out from the crowd!' More information



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