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Restroom - Gable Roof (9000 Series)

From concept to completion let GR Design and Construct manage your next restroom installation.

 Designs are available from small single cubicle structures to large amenities blocks incorporating shower, laundry and storage facilities. Select from a range of floor plans, roof shapes, internal and external claddings, water saving devices together with architectural and toilet hardware. 

We are flexible with our designs so choose from a standard structure or put together your own customised restroom by looking at the options below. You can also visit our gallery page to see some recently completed projects.










Floor Plans

The location and how frequently the restroom is used will determine whether a simple floor plan (1D) or a more complex layout (2D4C) is required. Restrooms can take any shape and can accommodate all of your requirements.




Waste Systems

Connect your restroom to existing services or combine the structure with a solar array. Water tanks and alternative waste systems are ideal in remote or less developed areas. The ‘Hybrid’ system is the market leader in onsite EPA approved treatment and discharge units with the capacity and arrangements to handle a combination of peak and off peak usage. 

For more information on the Hybrid Waste System click on the link below:


Our restrooms are designed to be well ventilated, easily maintained (washed down) and to discourage anti social behaviour. 

 Internal - External Cladding

Cladding – A large range of claddings are available, choose from any of the following:

  • Custom / Mini Orb
  • Colourbond
  • Stained Shadowclad (ply)
  • Compressed Fibre Cement Sheet
  • Waterproof Parcels
  • Weatherboards


 Fixtures and Fittings 

Dress your restroom up or down by choosing from our selection of Stainless Steel, China & Galvanised fixtures & fittings. 

We recommend stainless steel.


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