Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a product catalogue?
GR produces a regular completed projects mail out which demonstrates our ability to design and construct a range of public infrastructure. This will be sent to you when you register on our database. If you have an inquiry we encourage you to contact our office where one of our capable staff can personally assist you with your request.

Does GR engineer one off designs?
Yes, we specialise in one off projects. Contact us with your ideas and we will develop a design with you. Our speciality products include shelters, restrooms, bridges or access structures. We can also help with a number of other products such as handrails and piling.

Is there a choice of construction materials?
Absolutely, GR uses a range of sustainable timbers, such as LOSP Pine and ACQ treated hardwood. All steel is HDG and powdercoated from the range of Dulux colours. Our fixings and brackets are HDG or stainless steel in corrosive environments, these are also anti-vandal.
Our roofing is colourbond generally but other materials can be used, we have used a number of different cladding options for restrooms such as fibre cement, plywood, shadowclad and colourbond. If you have an alternative please let us know and we will happily accommodate.

Are all GR products engineered?
All GR products are engineered and our products are designed to comply with all local government building codes and to meet or exceed AS1720.1 SAA timber structures (Pt1) or AS 4100 SAA steel structures code, or AS 1170.1 SAA loading code. And to exceed minimum wind clarification. Engineering certification will be provided for peace of mind.

Does GR have a standard range of products?
Yes, every time we engineer a product this goes into our range as an engineered kit and can be reproduced with ease. We can easily accommodate you if you wish to make changes to these structures with regards to materials or size.

Can GR provide assurance our projects will run smoothly?
With our years of experience in design, fabrication and project management you can be assured that we will meet all your expectations. We carry a Commercial Builders License (CB-L 43604) along with all relevant insurances and OHS policies. These can be provided upon request.

Can someone come and meet me on site or in the office?
Absolutely, we have experienced sales reps that can visit you and work through the project from concept to completion.

Do you supply me with the drawings and design specifications to get the appropriate permits?
No worries, we provide all workshop drawings, engineering certifications for your records.

Do you provide written quotes?
When a GR staff representative has discussed your project requirements, we can prepare a quote and begin the preliminary drawings for your records. This service is free of charge, although we ask that you provide as much information as possible to help speed up the process.

The site we have in mind is very remote, can this be achieved?
Our structures are perfect for remote locations. We have worked on difficult site locations such as walking tracks, beaches and rocky outcrops to name a few. Our pre fabricated structures are designed so they can be handled with ease.  

I have a tight deadline with this project, how long does the Design & Construct process take?
The final answer depends on a number of factors involved in your project. The more information you can provide us the better, regardless of the product type. Information such as geotechnical report, site survey, marine environment, levels and so on can give GR a head start in designing and constructing the best possible project for you.

Can I use semi unskilled or semi skilled labour to help construct my project?
No problem, GR Design and Construct kits come pre-cut, pre drilled and partly assembled with comprehensive installation instructions and have been designed for erection with varying degrees of skilled labour.

Does GR Design and Construct have the resources to assemble our goods?
We have a number of full time, qualified builders installing our products all across Victoria. We build bridges, boardwalks, shelters and restrooms. Let us know what it is you want and we can arrange a fixed price quote to cary out these works.  

Does GR Design and Construct arrange permits?
Our administration office can arrange this with ease; there are a few documents that we require before we can commence the building approval process. Our office can assist you with what these are.

What does your company do to protect the structures from vandalism?
Our products are designed to suit the harsh environment of open space. Our structures are made from treated pine or hardwood and the steel we use is all hot dipped galvanised and powdercoated if requested. Our fittings and fixtures are all galvanised and are anti vandal for peace of mind.  

Do your products cater for accessories?
Yes, we can supply and install a range of additional items such as furniture, shade screens, cupolas, handrails, playgrounds and lots more. Please contact us with your enquiry.

Can GR Design and Construct carry out maintenance and refurbishments on existing structures?
Yes, GR can maintain all your hard infrastructure (bridges, boardwalks, shelters and restrooms). We cater for the refurbishing of products we have installed previously or structures constructed by a third party. Contact us to discuss your requirements.



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