GR Design & Construct takes environmental responsibility very seriously. We recognise and respect community sensitivity to the nature of the business we are in, and ensure all works are conducted in line with our environmental policies and procedures with the utmost integrity.

Our environmental policies extend far beyond just complying with relevant laws and regulations:

Where no such law or regulations exist, we apply our own rigorous standards of responsibility.

  • We minimise our residues and waste streams

  • We refrain from discharging hazardous materials into the air, ground or water

  • We minimise our consumption of energy and water

  • We are always alert to recycling opportunities

  • We procure products from legal sources through the practical implementation of our Responsible Forest Product Purchasing Policy


The Australian Forestry Standard (AFS) is the leading management standard of the Australian Forest Certification Scheme (AFCS) which certifies extensive areas of native forests and plantations across Australia. The AFCS also includes a Chain of Custody Standard to track forest and wood products through the supply chain. This provides consumers with assurance that the forest and wood products they are purchasing are from forests which are managed to the highest possible standards. The AFS is a world class forestry standard which is endorsed by the world’s biggest assessor of sustainable forest management, the Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).

Where possible all timber products used in GRDC structures are sourced from AFSC approved suppliers.

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