Recent structures by GR into Council park upgrades


1. Moreland City Council – West Street Park Upgrade

West Street in Brunswick is one of the first locations for a brand new park to be delivered as part of our program: A Park Close to Home.
The land of this new park includes 1,3,5 ,7, 11 West Street and 29,31 Breese Street in Brunswick.
After completing a number of drop-in sessions and surveys with the local community, we have gathered ideas and suggestions and developed a draft Concept Plan for what the new park will look like.
Some of the key features of the new park include:

  • Trees and plants
  • Nature and adventure play elements
  • Gardens for community use with composting and worm farm facilities
  • Indigenous plantings and art, such as sculptures
  • A sheltered barbecue area, drink bottle refill stations, bike parking, toilets and seating
  • Water sensitive urban design elements

Client: Moreland City Council
Project: West Street Park Upgrade
Contact: Wendy Skala, Open Space leader
Product: Design and construct two custom shelters and a 1D amenity.


2. Excel Gray Bruni (Hume City Council) – Moonee Valley Trail Boardwalk

Client: Excel Gray Bruni (Hume City Council)
Project: Moonee Valley Trail Boardwalk
Contact: Harry Louca
Product: Design and Construct custom steel boardwalk


3. VS Fortune – Hillgrove Estate

Client: VS Fortune
Project: Hillgrove Estate
Product: Design and construct custom ped bridge (35m x 2.5m)