Custom and standard GR shelters


Talk to GR about how to design and construct custom bespoke shelters for your next high profile park, or stick with one of our many pre-engineered standard shelters that can also be tweaked.


1. Bayport Group – Toomuc Ped Bridge

Client: Bayport Group
Project: Toomuc Creek Ped Bridge Crossing
Product: GR “Hume” ped bridge
Spec: 30m x 2.5m clear width 5KPA









2. Boroondara City Council – Vic Park Kew

Client: Warrandale IND
Project: Vic Park playground upgrade
Product: Modified GR “Bass” shelters
Spec: 2 x 4m x 4m shelter with custom screens and seating modules









3. Hobson’s Bay City Council – Hoskin’s Rsv

Client: Hobson’s Bay City Council
Project: Hoskin’s Rsv Playground upgrade
Product: Custom “GR” Bass shelters
Spec: 2 x 4m x 4m Bass shelters, round bush posts, custom screens.









4. Maroondah City Council – Yarunga Ped Bridge replacement

Client: Maroondah City Council
Project: Replace ped bridge at Yarunda Rsv
Product: GR “Will” Pedestrian bridge
Spec: 15m x 2.5m, 3KPA with min mesh decking












5. City of Yarra – Edinburgh North and South Amenity upgrade

Client: City of Yarra
Project: Edinburgh Gardens Nth and South Amenity upgrades
Product: GR “Pyrenees” amenities.
A. Edinburgh North. Extension to existing amenity with additional news cubicles as well as refurb of existing with new cladding, doors and screens.
B. Edinburgh South. New bank of cubicles, new approach paths, water fountain and drainage.